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Contemporary Readers - Reading


Reading is the mental process that allows you to decode and understand information or ideas represented in visual or tactile form.


Predominantly the concept of reading is connected to the concept of writing , that is, that learned cultural process that allows the translation of the meanings of a text represented by means of alphabetical or non-alphabetical symbols that can be perceived by sight or touch.


Reading is a form of magic .


By reading , we put aside the limitations of everyday life, our consciousness expands and we can visit different places and times.


Good reading causes mystical experiences and breaks down the walls of mediocrity. In articles and books , in print or online, we personally experience the most inspiring events of all time. We reflected on the universe and the art of living.


The term reading includes multiple additional components, presenting several implications:

The Reader - form of artistic expression


We can affirm that all reading , even silent reading, has expressiveness, since, inevitably, the reader actively participates in the construction of the senses , inscribing his own personal signs in the reading process . However, it is necessary to distinguish this common expressiveness from that which is identified with what we call expressive reading.


This term designates a specific reading ability located between the simple recognition and decoding of graphic signs and artistic performance , which leads to the ultimate consequences of the exploration of the artistic possibilities of the use of the body (sensory experience) and the voice (poetic vocalization) and its relationship with the text.


Expressive reading , hoping to reconstruct and present its suggestive and significant force , therefore appears as a challenge to the sensorial apprehension of the text.


Among the interconnected factors in the execution of expressive reading, the specific strategy for its comprehension deserves particular attention: the text , written or memorized; the body , with emphasis on the voice ; and the reading situation.

What are the elements of expressive reading?


The elements of expressive reading include several aspects that help make reading a text more engaging and meaningful.

Here are some common elements of expressive reading:


  • Intonation: Intonation is the use of variation in tone and inflection of the voice to express the emotions, intentions, and nuances of text . It can include changes in volume, rhythm and melody in the voice.


  • Articulation: Articulation refers to the clarity and precision in the pronunciation of words. Good articulation ensures that words are understandable and distinctly pronounced, improving the communication of the meaning of the text.


  • Voice Modulation: Voice modulation involves varying vocal characteristics such as volume , pitch , and speed to create greater expressiveness. It may include pauses, emphasis on certain words or phrases, and changes in voice progression.


  • Facial and gestural expression: Facial and gestural expression can enrich expressive reading, helping to convey the emotions and intentions of the text. The use of facial expressions , hand and body gestures can amplify the meaning of words and further engage the audience.


  • Interpreting the Text: Expressive reading also requires a thorough understanding of the text and the ability to interpret it accurately . This involves choosing the intonation, articulation and modulation of the voice based on the characteristics of the character, the context and the plot of the text.


  • Emotional Connection: Expressive reading involves the ability to establish an emotional connection with the text and convey it to the audience. This can be achieved through empathy with the characters, understanding the emotions present in the text and the ability to communicate them authentically.


  • Varying rhythm and speed: Varying rhythm and speed can add dynamism to expressive reading. It can include speeding up the pace in situations of suspense or action , or slowing it down to emphasize particular moments or atmospheres.


Expressive reading is a skill that requires practice and awareness of these elements. An effective expressive reader is able to convey the meaning and emotion of the text in a way that is engaging and engaging for the audience.

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in all artistic disciplines

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ARSPEDIA, art, contemporary art, contemporary artists,

"The Evolution of Contemporary Art: Creative Trends Redefining Art"

04/06/2023 20:29

A break with tradition in contemporary art that has redefined the art scene

Pittori Contemporanei: Esplorando l'Arte del Presente
ARSPEDIA, ArsPedia Cultural Network, contemporary art, pittori, pittori contemporanei, pittura moderna, stili di pittuta,

Pittori Contemporanei: Esplorando l'Arte del Presente

24/09/2023 05:48

L'arte contemporanea - Esplora l'arte contemporanea dei pittori moderni: stili unici, temi attuali e il futuro dell'arte.

Maria Grazia Focanti
PAINTING, F, Painters - F, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, PAINTERS, Marche, Ancona, Monsano, Pittori Italiani-F, Painter, Painter, ITALY, Italian painter, Ancona, Marche, Marchigiano, Monsano , Pittore Marchigiano, Pittrice Marchigiana, Pittrice Italiana, Maria Grazia Focanti, Marchigiana,

Maria Grazia Focanti

Maria Grazia Focanti

14/09/2023 00:30

Italian painter, Marche painter, Monsano, Marche, Ancona, Italy, Italian

Carlo Iacomucci
PAINTING, POETRY, SCULPTURE, I, Painter, Poet, Sculptor, Painters- I, Poets - I, Sculptors - I, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, PAINTERS, POETS, SCULPTORS, Marche, Ancona, Monsano, Pittori Italiani-I, Painter, Poet, ITALY, Italian poet, Italian painter, Incisore, Ancona, Marche, Marchigiano, Monsano , Incisore Marchigiano, Pittore Marchigiano, Poeta Marchigiano,

Carlo Iacomucci

Carlo Iacomucci

09/09/2023 04:30

Italian painter, Italian engraver, Italian poet, Marche painter, Marche engraver, Marche poet, Marche, Ancona, Monsano

Nora Schepis
POETRY, LITERATURE, N, S, Poet, Poetess, Writer, Scrittrice, Poets - N, Poets - S, Writers - N, Writers - S, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Sicily, Agrigento, POETS, WRITERS, Poet, poetess, Writer, Writer, ITALY, Italian poet, Italian writer, Sicily, Agrigento, Sicilian writer, Agrigento writer, Agrigento poetess, Italian poetess,

Nora Schepis

Nora Schepis

13/01/2022 01:52

Writer-Poet-Italy-Sicily-Agrigento-Sicilian Writer-Sicilian Poet-Sicilian-Agrigentan-Italian Poet-Agrigentan

PAINTING, LITERATURE, COMIC, DIGITAL ART, F, M, Painter, Pittrice, Comic artist, Painters - F, Painters - M, Comic artists - F, Comic artists - M, ITALY, Digital Artists - F, Digital Artists - M, Readers, Readers - F, Readers - M, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Lazio, Rome, PAINTERS, WRITERS, COMIC ARTISTS, DIGITAL ARTISTS, Pittori Italiani-M, Painter, Painter, Reader, Cartoonist and/or Illustrator, Digital Artist, ITALY, Italian, Italian, Lazio, Lazio, Rome, Roman painter, Lazio painter,



23/04/2021 05:23

Painter-Reader-Comic artist-Digital artist-Roman-Lazio-Rome-Roman painter-Roman comic artist-Digital artist-Painter-Lazio-Italian-Italy.

Luciano Postogna
POETRY, LITERATURE, P, Poet, Poets - P, ITALY, Readers, Readers - P, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Friuli - Venezia Giulia, Trieste, POETS, READERS, Poet, Reader, ITALY, Italian, Italian poet, Friulian poet, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trieste poet, Reader from Trieste, Trieste,

Luciano Postogna

Luciano Postogna

14/02/2021 23:36

Poet-Reader-Italian- Italian poet-Triestine poet-Friuli Venezia Giulia-Trieste-Triestine reader-Italian reader - Friulian-Julian-Italy.

Giuseppe Mastria
PAINTING, POETRY, SCULPTURE, M, Painter, Poet, Sculptor, Painters - M, Poets - M, Sculptors - M, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Calabria, Catanzaro, PAINTERS, POETS, SCULPTORS, Pittori Italiani-M, Painter, Poet, Sculptor, ITALY, Italian, Italian poet, Calabrian, Italian painter, Italian sculptor, Catanzaro, Catanzaro,

Giuseppe Mastria

Giuseppe Mastria

08/02/2021 02:31

Painter-Poet-Sculptor -Italian painter-Calabrian poet-Catanzaro sculptor-Catanzaro-Catanzaro poet - Catanzaro sculptor-Catanzaro painter-Italy.

Ombretta Del Monte
PAINTING, POETRY, LITERATURE, D, Painter, Pittrice, Poet, Poetess, Writer, Scrittrice, Painters - D, Poets - D, Writers - D, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Lazio, Rome, Civitavecchia, PAINTERS, POETS, WRITERS, Pittori Italiani-D, Painter, Painter, Poet, poetess, Writer, Writer, ITALY, Italian, Italian, Italian poet, Italian writer, Lazio, Lazio, Civitavecchia, Civitavecchia poet, Civitavecchia painter, Civitavecchia poetess, Rome, Lazio writer, Civitavecchia writer,

Ombretta Del Monte

Ombretta Del Monte

06/02/2021 05:13

Painter-Poetess –Writer-Civitavecchia painter-Writer-Lazio painter-Poet –Rome-Civitavecchia-Lazio painter-Italian-Italy

Mario Bova
PAINTING, COMIC, B, Painter, Comic artist, Painters - B, Comic artists - B, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Lazio, Rome, Vicovaro, PAINTERS, COMIC ARTISTS, Pittori Italiani-B, Painter, Cartoonist and/or Designer, ITALY, Italian, Lazio, Lazio, Vicovaro, Vicovarese,

Mario Bova

Mario Bova

03/02/2021 15:18

Italian painter, Italian illustrator, Lazio painter, Lazio illustrator, Vicovaro painter, Vicovaro illustrator, Vicovaro, Rome, Lazio, Italy.

Gabriele D'annunzio
POETRY, LITERATURE, D, Poets - D, Writers - D, ITALY, Abruzzo, Pescara, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Poet, Writer, ITALY, Italian, Abruzzo, Pescara, Italian poet, Italian writer, Abruzzese poet, Abruzzo writer, Pescara poet, Pescara writer,

Gabriele D'annunzio

Gabriele D'annunzio

12/10/2020 00:48

Italian writer, Abruzzese writer, Pescara writer, Italian poet, Abruzzese poet, Pescara poet, Abruzzo, Pescara, Italy

Come le reti digitali stanno trasformando arte e architettura

Come le reti digitali stanno trasformando arte e architettura

29/08/2020 02:43

L'arte come la conosciamo sta cambiando drasticamente, ma le risposte popolari e critiche sono in ritardo. In questo saggio illustrato tagliente, Davi