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Contemporary Dancers

The Art of Dance


A dancer is a person who dances to music or any rhythmic source and who has made dance his profession. Dance is a method of expressing body movements.


Thanks to excellent athletic preparation and sensitivity for music , a dancer is able to masterly perform classical or modern dances and interpret the most diverse genres.


There are various dance styles : among the best known are classical dance, modern dance, hip hop, Latin American dance and Caribbean dance, jazz, smooth, tango, contemporary dance .



Who is a dancer and what does he do?


A dancer is an artist who expresses himself through the language of body movement , specializing in dance .

Dance is a form of artistic expression that combines movement , rhythm , musicality and storytelling to communicate emotions, stories or concepts.


Dancers can perform in a wide range of dance styles , including classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz dance, modern dance, hip-hop dance, ethnic dances and many others.


They work hard to perfect their technical skills, physical strength , flexibility and expressiveness , through regular training , rehearsals and stage performances. Dancers can work as professionals in dance companies, theaters , stage productions, musical performances , films, television programs, music videos , or they can pursue a career as dance teachers.


Their dedication and passion for dance drives them to create breathtaking performances, transmitting beauty and emotion to the audience.


The work of professional dancers combines artistic aspects - performing movements and figures with one's body to interpret the music - with notable physical efforts: many hours are spent in the dance studio or in the gym working with perseverance, commitment and discipline on a series of exercises and trying dances and choreographies.


Training is in fact the first and most important activity for dancers : the exercises are fundamental to develop and maintain the physical efficiency and flexibility of one's body (which is the main working tool), to learn the basic techniques and move in a coordinated way, to the rhythm of music .

What are the best known dance styles and genres?


There are numerous styles and genres of dance, each with its own aesthetic, technique and cultural traditions.

Here is a list of the best known:


  • Classical ballet: The oldest and most traditional style, characterized by elegant, precise and fluid movements. Classical ballet is based on rigid technique and requires grace, strength and control. Classical dance or academic dance is based on the so-called " academic technique ", which has developed since 1613. Special shoes called " pointe shoes " are used with a toe reinforced with special chalk (protecting the feet from possible blisters and wounds with paper tape, absorbent paper or if you want to be more accurate with silicone or fabric toe protectors), obviously pointe shoes can be used after having studied for a few years with demi-pointe shoes , because the muscles that support the spine spinal cord must be well formed. Classical dance is one of the most prestigious and codified disciplines , with a rigorous training course.


  • Contemporary dance: A free and experimental style that continually evolves. Combines elements of classical ballet with modern movements, exploring individual creativity and expressiveness. Contemporary dance was born in Europe and the United States after the Second World War. It evolves in favor of new bodily expressions, which sometimes also include acting. The role of the dancer has changed in contemporary dance: a dancer who is often his own author, to whom the choreographer leaves more creative space than in the past. The contemporary choreographer often delegates the creation of choreographic phrases to the dancer, which he then assembles and inserts into a context and space. To do this, improvisation becomes an indispensable tool for choreographic creation, a technique for listening to one's body and the environment


  • Jazz dance: An energetic, rhythmic style, influenced by jazz music . Jazz dance incorporates fast movements, leaps, body isolations and improvisation. It is a particularly choreographic and dynamic modern dance, whose nature is enriched over time thanks to the contribution of new aspects and experiments. Two main styles currently fall under this definition, modern jazz and lyrical jazz . The first style is particularly lively, while the second is calmer while retaining the instinctive and tribal aspects typical of jazz . The history of this dance style is connected to the events of jazz music which, at the beginning of the twentieth century, began to appear in the United States of America , undergoing the influences of the African culture which arrived in the American territories through the events of the African peoples who arrived from Europe. One of the characteristics of jazz dance today is that of being a dynamic language open to moments of experimentation and improvisation which make it a more creative and stimulating form of expression than other dances. It is thus suitable for those who wish to combine technical aptitude with personal artistic research where factors such as coordination of one's body, choreographic aspects, technical elements , but also purely expressive ones, come into play.


  • Modern dance: An unconventional dance style that focuses on freedom of movement and personal expression. Modern dance challenges traditional rules and approaches social and political issues . The term modern dance generally defines the developments in dance which, starting from the end of the 19th century, led to a new way of conceiving stage dance, as opposed to classical-academic ballet. The definition of " modern " given to the current (also called " new dance ") is due to the fact that it presented characteristics quite in contrast with classical ballet . Modern dance does not reject the unnatural use of the body, however it prefers linear movements. The gesture and movement that express the dancer 's personality starting from naturalness are valorised. Modern dance often makes use of extemporaneous improvisation . However, modern dance movements also have a precise "grammar".


  • Hip-hop dance: Originating in the African-American and Latino communities , hip-hop dance is characterized by fluid movements , isolations, street dance moves, and urban dance styles. Includes Elements Such As Popping , Locking And Breaking . Hip Hop was born at the beginning of the 70s, with the Break Dance of the Street Dancers of the New York ghettos. Hip hop is a lifestyle , which refers to the young people of multi-ethnic societies of the metropolis, it is a way of dressing that cancels the form and eliminates the difference between men and women: people are distinguished by their ability to sing or move in a personal way, not for the forms. Hip Hop evolves very quickly. A multitude of styles and movements, including spectacular ones, are born, which enhance the personal characteristics of each dancer . In the evolution of hip hop dance, dancers create their own style starting from improvisation .


  • Ethnic dances: There are numerous traditional dances linked to specific cultures and countries. Some examples include salsa , samba , flamenco , belly dance, classical Indian dance, Argentine tango , and many others. Ethnic dances are traditional and culturally specific dance styles linked to countries or communities. Examples include salsa ( Latin American ), samba (Brazilian), flamenco (Spanish), belly dance (Middle Eastern), and classical Indian dance. These styles feature distinctive movements and tell cultural stories through artistic expression of the body.


  • Tap dance: A style of dance that focuses on using the feet as percussive instruments . Dancers wear special shoes with heels and metal toes that create distinctive sounds when they come into contact with the floor. Tap dancing combines rhythm , musicality and syncopated movements , producing a captivating and engaging performance. Dancers perform a series of steps, taps and rhythmic beats, often creating improvisations and choreographed routines . This dance style has been popular in musical theater and film, and continues to be enjoyed for its combination of technique, rhythm and fun.


  • Acrobatic dance: A genre that combines elements of dance and acrobatics . This dance style is characterized by the incorporation of aerial figures , balance , acrobatic leaps and flexibility . Acrobatic dancers perform a variety of spectacular movements , such as somersaults , somersaults , splits , hand balances, and other acrobatics, integrating them into fluid, artistic choreography. Acrobatic dance requires solid technical training, physical strength and body control. With its combination of grace and acrobatics, this dance style offers a visually breathtaking experience for the audience.


  • Urban contemporary dance: A style that blends elements of contemporary dance and hip-hop , exploring urban and modern themes. This dance genre develops in urban communities and reflects the energy, culture and artistic expression of the streets. Urban contemporary dance combines fluid movements, body isolations, rhythmic cadences and emotional storytelling . Performers of this style often incorporate elements of breakdancing , popping , locking , house dance , and other urban dance forms to create unique and engaging performances. Urban contemporary dance is characterized by its innovation, creativity and its visual and sensorial impact.


  • Salon dances: A category that includes a variety of partner dances such as tango , waltz , cha-cha , foxtrot , and rumba . These dances are distinguished by their elegance , grace and coordination between partners . Each dance has its own distinctive steps, movement patterns, and associated styles of music. Salon dances are often performed in social settings such as parties, formal events, or competitions. This genre of dance requires good leading and following technique , as well as an emotional connection between partners. Salon dances offer the opportunity to express the beauty of music and the grace of movement as a couple.


These are just a few of the most well-known dance styles and genres, but there is a wide variety of dance forms that reflect cultural diversity and artistic expression around the world.

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