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Contemporary Singers


The Art of Singing


Singing is considered the lifeblood of the human race, it is reasonable to think that song is probably the oldest form of communication and self-expression than words.


Singing together has served over time as an intra-tribal glue and remains one of the most important means, if not the most important, for processing and communicating emotions .


Who are the Singers?


Singers are artists who perform using their voice as their primary instrument . They dedicate themselves to interpreting songs and expressing emotions and messages through music. Singers can be soloists or part of musical groups.


The main role of singers is to perform the songs , both in the recording studio and live during concerts and shows . They use their voices to sing melodies , express lyrics and communicate with the audience. Singers can specialize in various musical genres, such as pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, opera, and many others.


In addition to vocal performance , singers may also be involved in songwriting or collaborating with composers and authors to create new music and lyrics . They can also participate in recording sessions, working with music producers to produce quality songs and albums.


Singers can have a wide range of experience and may be known locally, nationally or internationally. Some achieve stardom and become music icons , while others focus on more niche careers or specific music markets.


In addition to musical performances, singers can also participate in promotional activities such as interviews, television appearances, participation in promotional events and tours. Their image and lifestyle can become an integral part of their artistic identity.


In summary, singers are artists who perform using their voice as their primary instrument, interpreting songs and communicating through music . Their ability to sing melodies and interpret lyrics distinguishes them as central figures in the world of music .

What are the singing styles?


By singing style we generally mean a performance modality, variable in relation to the repertoire and the era. The interpretation of this phrase, however, is broad, being able to include different aspects of the art of singing .


There are different styles of singing in different styles of music . In the classical singing style, which is mainly taught in universities and which is accompanied by a lot of vocal training technique , the vowels are formed in the back of the mouth, which creates a strong enrichment of harmonics and an intoxicating sound .


In jazz and pop singing, the vowels are produced further forward, in front of the mouth , which is more like speaking or calling, and instead of the heady sound, more of the chest voice is used. The tones are sometimes sung from the bass and, if at all, provided with a little vibrato


There are different singing styles that have developed over time and in different cultures. Each singing style has its own unique characteristics in terms of vocal technique , expressiveness and associated musical genre.


Here are some of the most common singing styles:


  • Lyrical/Classical: The lyrical or classical style is often associated with opera and chamber music . Requires solid vocal technique to produce high notes, vocal projection and breath control . Performers of this singing style are trained to sing virtuoso and often perform solo parts in opera productions.


  • Pop: The pop style is widely prevalent in contemporary commercial music . It requires a melodic voice , good pronunciation and an ability to express emotions in an accessible way. Pop singers often perform with microphones and use studio recording techniques to produce a clean sound.


  • Rock: The rock style is characterized by a powerful , expressive and often scratchy sound. Rock singers often use robust tones, high notes , vocal grit and a strong stage presence. The emphasis is on the energy and emotion conveyed through the voice.


  • Jazz: The jazz style is based on improvisation , swing and great expressive freedom . Jazz singers often use vibrato , vocal nuances and rhythmic variations to interpret melodies in their own way. Scat singing , or the use of improvised vocal sounds, is also characteristic of this style.


  • R&B/Soul: The R&B ( Rhythm and Blues ) and soul style focuses on emotional expressiveness and groove . Singers of this genre often use falsetto , melisma (the articulation of many notes on a single syllable), and control of dynamics to convey passion and feeling.


  • Country: The country style is associated with traditional American music and requires a clean, sincere voice and often with a regional accent . The stories told in country songs are often important, and singers focus on lyrical clarity and emotional connection with the audience .


  • Folk: The folk style is based on a popular musical tradition and often focuses on storytelling and stories . Folk singers tend to have a warm, authentic voice , with the accompaniment of acoustic instruments such as guitar or banjo.


  • Musical Theater: The singing style in musical theater combines acting, singing and dancing . Singers must master vocal technique and emotionally interpret songs to tell stories on stage . You need an engaging stage presence and adapting your voice to the character and the song. Success requires talent, technique and expressiveness.


  • Hip hop: The singing style in hip hop is based on a rhythmic flow and spoken intonation . Rappers use rapping and improvisation skills to express personal thoughts and social criticism through their songs. Stage presence and authenticity are important in hip hop singing.


These are just some of the most popular singing styles, but there are many other musical genres that have developed their own distinctive vocal styles, such as reggae, gospel, metal, and many others.


Each style requires a specific vocal technique and approach to fit the music

What are the main singing techniques?

Singing techniques may include:


  1. Diaphragmatic breathing: Diaphragmatic breathing is a basic technique for singing. It involves using the diaphragm, a muscle located under the lungs, to achieve deep, controlled breathing. This technique allows the singer to have adequate support and stable airflow while performing.
  2. Vocal warm-up: Vocal warm-up is a set of exercises aimed at preparing the vocal cords and surrounding muscles for singing activity. It includes breathing exercises, vocalizations and movements that help release tension and improve the flexibility of the vocal cords.
  3. Correct posture: Correct posture is essential to enable better vocal performance. An upright posture, with relaxed shoulders and an aligned spine, allows the diaphragm to expand fully and promotes good sound emission.
  4. Diction and Pronunciation: Diction and accurate pronunciation are key to communicating words clearly when singing. A singer must pay attention to the correct articulation of consonants and the clarity of vowels to ensure the comprehensibility of the lyrics.
  5. Vocal Range: Vocal range refers to the range of notes a singer can reach in a comfortable and controlled manner. Through training and practice, a singer can expand his or her vocal range in both the highest and lowest notes, thus developing greater vocal flexibility and versatility.
  6. Vibrato Control: Vibrato control is the ability to modulate vibrato, which is a gentle periodic oscillation in the voice, for expressive purposes. A singer can learn to adjust the speed and intensity of the vibrato to suit the desired style and interpretation.
  7. Consonant Articulation: Consonant articulation refers to the clear and precise pronunciation of consonants in singing. Good articulation helps communicate words in an understandable and expressive way.
  8. Resonance: Resonance is the quality of sound produced by the vocal cords and amplified through resonance cavities in the body. Correct use of the resonance cavities, such as the throat, chest and nose, allows you to obtain a richer, fuller and more projected sound.
  9. Breath Control: Breath control is the ability to manage the flow of air while singing. A singer must learn to regulate the airflow in a constant and controlled manner to maintain a stable and sustained voice.
  10. Legato and Staccato: Legato refers to the smooth connection between notes, while staccato indicates a clear and distinctive separation between notes. A singer must master both techniques to perform fluid and articulate melodic lines according to musical needs.
  11. Falsetto: Falsetto is a technique in which a singer produces very high sounds by using the vocal cords in a thinner configuration. It is often used to play very high notes or to obtain a particular vocal effect.
  12. Vibrato: Vibrato is a periodic oscillation of the frequency of the sound produced by the voice. A controlled, well-modulated vibrato can add expressiveness and warmth to your vocal performance.
  13. Melisma: Melisma is a technique in which a single vocal sound is extended across multiple notes, creating a series of melodic variations. It is often used to add ornamentation and decoration to vocal lines.
  14. Vocal support: Vocal support refers to the effective use of breathing and support muscles to support the voice during singing. Good vocal support helps maintain a stable, controlled and resilient voice.
  15. Emotional Interpretation: Emotional interpretation is the ability to express emotions and feelings through singing. A singer must learn to connect with the lyrics and convey emotions in an authentic and engaging way to the audience.



These techniques represent only a selection of the many skills and aspects to consider in singing. Each requires practice and mastery to use effectively and to develop a confident and versatile voice.

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